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Jodi & Connie

After serving as an Assistant to the Chef in the White House during the Nixon Administration, John Yarnall opened It's About Thyme as a French restaurant in a suburb of Philadelphia in 1974. In 1995, John relocated the restaurant to Culpeper and changed its menu to broader European fare. John's two oldest daughters, Joclyn and Jodi, have grown up in the restaurant business. After graduating from Westchester University and completing her Chef training at Cordon Bleu in Paris, Joclyn returned to the restaurant in 2004 as its Head Chef. After graduating from Penn State and working in Florida, Jodi returned to It's About Thyme in 2007 as its House Manager. It's About Thyme endeavors to provide its guests the perfect dining experience: great food, friendly, attentive service, and a wonderful ambiance. A mainstay of Culpeper's East Davis Street for over fifteen years, the restaurant has developed a loyal following of locals and visitors alike.

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